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At ALKEM, we unveil the secrets of men's health with the Wiqaya Advanced Test - Male. This specialized assessment meticulously measures key biomarkers, enabling proactive measures for optimal well-being. Trust ALKEM to reveal the hidden insights guiding your health journey.


Early detection of prostate cancer

Testosterone level assessment

Magnesium and vitamin D evaluation

Diabetes and cardiovascular risk assessment

Inflammatory marker evaluation

This Is For People Who...

Have a family history of prostate cancer, diabetes, or cardiovascular diseases.

Experience symptoms like fatigue, low libido, or erectile dysfunction.

Are concerned about their overall health and well-being.


38 BHD

Why Choose Wiqaya Advanced Test - Male?

This test serves as your investigator, revealing insights into your body's intricate workings. With it, you receive a comprehensive roadmap of your health, empowering confident navigation on your wellness journey. Trust ALKEM for precision and guidance toward vibrant health and vitality.

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