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Our custom supplements are designed for you. Based on a precise analysis of your nutrient levels, we craft a unique formula that targets individual needs - no more wasted capsules or mysterious ingredients.

What is Vitablend Pro?

Vitablend Pro are scientifically backed capsules filled with a precise blend of high-quality nutrients tailored to your needs and goals. Based on your genetics, lifestyle, and potential deficiencies, we craft a personalized formula that's as individual as you are.

Benefits of Vitablend Pro

Targeted Nutrition

Vitablend Pro transcends generic multivitamins. In-depth testing pinpoints deficiencies, allowing our tailored formulas to address specific needs.

Increased Effectiveness

By providing the body with specifically required nutrients, optimal absorption and a greater impact on overall well-being is attainable.

No Wasted Ingredients

Vitablend Pro focuses on delivering essential nutrients, creating an efficient and cost-effective approach to supplementation.

Simplifies Supplement Routine

A single personalized blend eliminates the need for multiple bottles and guesswork, streamlining the daily supplement routine.

Who Vitablend Pro is For

Vitablend Pro is great for anyone who believes that one-size-fits all supplements don't address their unique needs. It's for those who want to go beyond generic formulas and unlock the power of precision nutrition designed specifically for their body.

The Vitablend Process

Meet with an Alkem Specialist

Start the journey to optimized health with a personalized consultation. Discuss health goals, concerns, and medical history for tailored guidance.

Take a Comprehensive Blood Test

Go beyond guesswork. This in-depth test reveals specific nutrient levels, metabolic markers, and genetic tendencies.

Unlock the Nutritional Blueprint

Gain a deep understanding of the body's unique requirements for targeted support and lasting well-being.

The Formula Takes Shape

Our team of experts carefully analyze test results, creating a supplement blend that perfectly matches individual needs.

Get Convenient Delivery

Experience the ease of having personalized supplements delivered directly to the doorstep, simplifying the wellness routine.

What's Included in Your Purchase

An initial consultation with one of our doctors

An advanced profile male or female blood test

A 3-month supply of Vitablend Pro supplements

Supportive educational guides

A follow up consultation with one of our doctors


Starts from 125BHD per month

Find Balance

Vitablend Pro helps people achieve their optimal balance. By uncovering and addressing specific nutrient deficiencies, the personalized blends support improved energy, immune function, mental clarity, and overall well-being. When the body receives the precise support it needs, it functions more harmoniously, fostering a greater sense of physical, mental, and emotional balance.

Take the first step towards optimal health.

Schedule your consultation today.

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