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This advanced assessment transcends conventional approaches, delving into your calcium metabolism, a pivotal determinant of bone strength. We meticulously evaluate your bone mineral density, offering precise insights into your current bone health status.


Early detection of osteoporosis or osteopenia

Assessment of fracture risk

Personalized treatment plan to improve bone health and reduce fracture risk

This Is For People Who...

Are concerned about their bone health due to family history of osteoporosis.

Have experienced a fragility fracture.

Are postmenopausal or experiencing hormonal changes that could impact bone health (e.g., men with low testosterone).

Are at risk for osteoporosis due to certain medications or medical conditions.

Want to establish a baseline for their bone health and monitor it over time.


17 BHD

Why Choose Our Osteoporosis Test?

Uncover the mysteries of bone health with the osteoporosis test. We delve beyond density, scrutinizing crucial calcium metabolism for a comprehensive assessment. Benefit from unparalleled precision and expert guidance, empowering lifelong bone strength. Choose ALKEM for knowledge-driven resilience.

Take the first step towards optimal health.

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