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Our team of highly skilled and experienced doctors excel in diagnosing and treating various illnesses and diseases that affect individuals of all ages. We are dedicated to providing the assistance you require.

At ALKEM, we understand the distinctive needs of each patient and adopt a personalized approach to care. Our doctors collaborate with you to formulate a treatment plan that caters to your specific requirements.

Personalized primary care.

Our GP provides personalized primary care and offers comprehensive medical evaluations, preventive screenings, and ongoing health management, ensuring your well-being is a top priority.

Continuity of care.

You benefit from seamless and coordinated care within our integrated medical center. Our healthcare providers collaborate closely, ensuring that we holistically address all aspects of your health.

Comprehensive health assessments.

Our GP conducts thorough health assessments to evaluate your overall well-being, assess risk factors, and detect early signs of illness. With a focus on preventive medicine, they work with you to develop personalized strategies for optimal health and disease prevention.

Efficient referrals & follow-ups.

When specialist care is required, our GP facilitates timely referrals, ensuring you receive the appropriate care from trusted healthcare professionals.

They also coordinate follow-ups and provide ongoing support to ensure continuity and optimal outcomes.

Patient-centered approach.

Our GP provides patient-centered care, actively involving you in decision-making and tailoring treatments to meet your specific needs and preferences. They listen attentively, address your concerns, and foster a trusting doctor-patient relationship.

General Medicine Consultation

Price: 10 BHD
Length: 15 minutes

Price: 20 BHD
Length: 30 minutes

General Medicine Pediatric Initial Consultation

Price: 20 BHD
Length: 25 minutes

General Medicine Pediatric Subsequent Visit

Price: 10 BHD
Length: 15 minutes

Let us heal you from the inside out

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